img8 Growing you a masterpiece CHARACTERISTICS

Medium width blade (5-7mm)

Centipede can handle some human and pet traffic. If it is damaged it takes a few weeks to recover.

Does well in warm weather conditions. Centipede will work well in USDA Zones 7 to 12.

Low, it can only handle about 30 percent shade. It will "thin out" between houses if they are too close together.

Cut with a standard rotary mower between 1/2"-2" every other week. Needs 1/2"  to 3/4"of water per week to look good.

This grass is very easy to take care of. It can handle all types of soil and you do not have to bag clippings when mowed.

Takes a little extra fertilizer to keep it green. It needs more water than other grasses. It does not handle many chemicals very well when treating weeds. Cannot handle very much shade.
Centipede Specifications:
Centipede has long been known as the "lazy man's grass". It is real east to take care of and does not require a lot of attention. If a little care is taken you can have a really nice looking yard with Centipede. It has a medium width blade (5-7mm) and can be lush if given the right amount of fertilizer and water. Most people like it because they can mow it every other week and simply forget about it. It can be cut with a rotary mower and can handle heights of cut up tp 2 inches and as low as 3/4 inch.