img8 Growing you a masterpiece  

>Less than 3lbs N/1000 ft per year
(This saves you money every year compared to otherTurf Grasses)
Less Fertilizer is also good for the enviroment!
Less Water: You can have a beautiful yard with less than 3/4 inch per week.

Mowing Height: 1-2 inches is normal
Fall Pre-Emergent
Spring Pre-Emergent
Post Emergent: 2,4 D;
Fertilizer Requirement and Application Times:
To establish new turf:  Water everyday for the first 30 days. Twice daily in the heat of the summer.  After 30 days go to 3 days per week
Empire Technical Specifications

Wide Blade Width for a Soft Textured (great for Roughs, Fairways, Bunker Faces)  Can be managed at many different heights
Blue/Green in color for a lush lawn
Drought Tolerance is Excellent (the best of all the Zoysias we have tested)
Soil Preference:  Sand, Sandy Loam, Clay, Muck
Excellent Wear- great recovery from cart traffic and play
Spring Green Up-  Mid March under normal conditions
Fall Color Retention- Very Good
Resistant to most Diseases
Resistant to Most Insects
Heat Tolerance is Excellent
Cold Tolerance is Excellent
Shade Tolerance is Moderate to Good
Salt Tolerance is Good to Excellent