img2 img8 Growing you a masterpiece CHARACTERISTICS

Eye Catching Dark Green Color
Good Fall Color Retention
Luxurious Soft-to-the-Touch Feel
Broad Leaf Blade (5-7mm)
Early Spring Green-up
Empire has the best wear resistance and recovery of all the zoysias grown at Rhyne Farms.
Does well in warm weather conditions. Empire is tested and is perfect for USDA Zones 7 to 10
Very good, up to 45 percent shade
Cut with a standard rotary mower between 1"-2"every 7-10 days. Cut at 1/2" with reel mower. Needs 1/2" of water per week to keep green and lush.
This grass is resistant to most common diseases like rust, dollar spot, and brown patch. It is almost comparable to Bermuda when looking at drought tolerance. Empire recovers from damage quickly and uses the least amount of water to stay looking healthy of all of the zoysias that we have grown, Turns green quickly in the spring and keeps its color till the first hard freeze of the fall. It is resistant to Army worms and Spittle Bugs.
Not Many! Every few years there is a wave of Bill Bugs that can affect the grass. Preventative insecticide for grubs and worms can be applied in granular form. The aggressive horizontal nature of the grass can be positive to repairing any damage the grass might suffer. Sometimes it is difficult to keep out of shrub beds without using Round UP of some other grass killer.
Empire Zoysia Specifications:
Empire is a beautiful Zoysia Japonica that has a deep green color in the summer and turns golden in the winter for a year round aesthetically pleasing color. Its leaf blade is about 5mm wide making it easier to mow with a rotary mower than other zoysias. Empire can be mowed at several different heights from 1/2' up to 2". The thick lush texture and its horizontal growth characteristic gives Empire the ability to "choke out" other grasses and weeds that might try to contaminate your lawn and this reduces the need for herbicides. Empire needs less than 3 lbs or nitrogen. In most cases you can apply a good slow release fertilizer in the spring and the grass will stay green all summer.