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Insect Control:

A healthy lawn is the best way to start when controlling insects. A lawn that is properly maintained through mowing, fertilizing and watering has fewer problems with insects. A professional lawn care service is a great option for insect control but if you decide to do it yourself, the following website will help you to identify the most common insects:

Once you have identified the insect your local home & garden center, professional lawn service or local extension office can best recommend an insecticide to treat the specific insect. Always read the product label and follow directions exactly. Some chemicals require personal protective clothing and equipment.

For preventative maintenance against grub control in all grasses we recommend applying Merit. Dylox can be used for curative measures on grubs. One application in mid-May should be sufficient for the year.

For Palmetto St Augustine we recommend curative treatment for chinch bugs with Talstar. Close monitoring for chinch bug should begin mid-May and June. For a preventative approach to controlling chinch bugs we recommend applying Talstar the first part of June. Chinch bugs left unmonitored can be very destructive to grass.

Fungicides: For all grasses during stressful times of the year, i.e. extremely wet and/or hot periods, a preventative fungicide should be applied the first part of May.

§ For any fungicide application, always read and follow label directions carefully

§ Longer-residual products such as Heritage and Compass are preferred; however, a

number of other products can be used during the establishment period, such as

Subdue MAXX, Banner MAXX and ProStar

Fungus problems can be exasperated by one or more of the following:

1) over-watering

2) daily watering verses watering twice weekly

3) too much shade, heavy thatch buildup

4) poorly drained lawns

To help prevent or lessen your need for fungicides these are situations that the owner can address to limit the use of unnecessary fungicides.

Common Mistakes:

1)Insect and fungal control is a complex science and because of the complexity Rhyne’s Select Turf recommends hiring a professional lawn care service.