img8 Growing you a masterpiece Meyer Zoysia Specifications:
 Meyer's zoysia has been commercially available for more than 60 years, It is one of the most common varieties of zoysia that has been used by landscapers in the southern United States. It has a thick lush appearance and a medium leaf texture of 3mm to 5mm. Meyer's zoysia will look great in any home application where the area does not get too much traffic. Does well with a rotary mower and needs to be cut in a range of 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches in height.

  Lush green
  Medium leaf texture 3mm to 5mm.
  Withstands normal foot traffic.
  Recovery from damage a little slower than other zoysias
  Good shade tolerance 
  Meyer Zoysia does well in warm weather conditions.
 This grass works well for USDA zones 7 to 10 
   Very good. Handles 45 percent shade
  Cut Meyer Zoysia in the range of 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches in height.
  Use of a rotary mower in fine.
  Meyer requires a little more water than Empire and Zorro.
  It typically needs 3/4" to 1 1/4 " of water per week for the
  grass to look healthy.
   This grass is aesthetically attractive and has a nice color and
  leaf texture. It is resistant to fall Army worms. It has a soft feel
  and is nice to walk on with bare feet. The grass can be mowed
  with a rotary mower and is easy to maintain. Since Meyer's has
  been on the market so long, most maintainance companies
  are familiar with the timing of pre-emergeny herbicides that
  work well with the grass.
  Does not recover from damage like other grasses. Uses more
  water than some of the newer strains of zoysia. Has a problem
  with brown patch, dollar spot, and rust.

Meyer Zoysia