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Dark Green

Wide Leaf, Soft to walk on

Palmetto has good wear tolerance as compared to other St Augustines. It will recover faster than others also. Palmetto needs less water than other St. Augustines. It will still need 1 inch to 1.5 inches per week in the heat of the summer.

Does well in warm weather conditions. Palmetto will work well in USDA Zones 7 to 11.

Very good, Up to 60 percent shade.

This St. Augustine was developed for its cold hardiness and drought tolerance. It does really well in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. It is resistant to many of the bugs that plague the older varieties of St. Augustine and is less susceptible to the diseases that many of the older varieties can get. One of the best St. Augustine grasses available.

In winters that have temperatures that stay below 15 degrees for long periods of time, the grass might experience a delay greening up in the spring. It can be susceptible to Bill bugs, but will recover after a month. Needs more water than Zoysias and bermudas.

Palmetto St. Augustine Specifications:
Palmetto is one of the most popular St. Augustine grasses on the market today. Customers love its soft, wide leaf blades.Palmetto St. Augustine is a joy to walk barefoot on and gives a pleasing aesthetic appearance. This variety is more tolerant to cold and heat than other St Augustines and has a dark green color that is absolutely gorgeous! It can tolerate most types of soil and works well in full sun or shade. If you want a wide bladed grass for your yard, look no further than Palmetto St. Augustine.