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Winter Pre-emergent:  Symazine or Atrazine, or Ronstar

Spring Pre-emergent: Ronstar

Post Emergent- 2,4 D,

Fungicides: Heritage,  Daconile

Over-seeding- Not recommended
Zorro Zoysia Specs and Analysis

Leaf Blade:  Fine Texture
Maintenance Height:   From   3/8"  to  1-1/2"      (Great for Fairways, Tees, Collars)
Color:  Deep Green Color
Color Retention:  Very Good
Injury Recovery:  Very Good  (Compared to Emerald and Meyer Zoysia)
Cold Tolerance:  Very Good   (stays greener longer than other Zoysia)
Spring Green Up- Mid March under normal conditions
Shade Tolerance- Very Good (4 to 5 hours of sun)
Fertilizer Requirements - Less than 3 lbs N/1000 ft  per year
Water Requirements: Less than 1 inch per week
Diseases: Has shown to be less susceptible to certain fungus' including Zoysia Patch